My journal sucks.

Everything sucks about it.

Even the color!! ><;;;

I'll be fixing it someday soon.

And I'll start posting. xDD;;;


I'm going to post a couple of NEW fics, soon.

Don't read All The Small Things. I was on drugs when I wrote it.


I'm also going to post a video. An interview with my 13 year old brother about Jrock (which also features a good shot of me pulling my pants up) and a warning about a terrible creature native to Japan, but has been slowly taking over America, and slowly coming into Canada; The Rabid Kyoto Fairy.



I still can't believe I got 4 tickets to see Dir en grey live in L.A.!! I have to travel from Canada, but oh well!

I can't believe it....

Random post

GODDAMIT, I'M SO BOOORED! And I have to go out to my dad's house again in a few hours. Noooo~~~ It's not that I don't want to go see him and spend time with him, because I do! It's just that I have so much stuff to do here. The exchange student is coming in a week, and my room is a mess! She's sharing a room with me, so...yeah.
I also got a new kitten. She's the sweetest, cuddliest thing ever. But then...she's a complete terror! She's getting into everything, including the guinea pig cage... Poor Jamie. Anyway, her name is Kiseki. She was a stray and the pound was going to put her down because she has a cold... Well, not anymore.
My other cat, Adrienne, is pretty jealous though. They'll get along. I'll make them.
ANNYWAY! Umm...yes, so, we remember that All The Small Things is dead, right?? Good.
By the way, the story that me and surfbug are's called ㈣54. Doesn't make any sense, does it? Yeah, I know. Anyway. I haven't writtem anything more to that. But I will. Good things will come to those who wait. But really, I'm sick of waiting. I just want the ideas to come NOW! But yes...I will wright a short summary about it later. I have to pack now... BLARGH!
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Holy shit, a post?! For real?!

If anyone still has interest in All The Small Things, I'm sorry to say that I've completely given up on it. Why? I find it hard to write like that, and I went back and re-read it, and it just totally...bleh. Sucked. But don't fret! I am restoring an old KyoxMYV fic of mine that never got posted, but I'm thinking I might just post it. Also, my dear friend surfbug and I are writing a story with my own orignal characters. I am writing, and lucky us, she will be drawing. ^ ^ We'll see how it goes.

It's weird to be posting here....I really only (rarely) use my Blogger account. ><
I'm at my dad's house, and his computer has like, NOTHING of mine on it, 'cause I've only used it once before. No pictures, no icons, and most importantly...NO MUSIC! No Dir en grey, no MYV, no Malice Mizer, no Orange Range, no DBSK, no Seo Taiji, NOTING! Damitt. Oh, well. I only have to live through a day of that. But in August, it'll be two weeks! O.O Nooo~

Also, I'm getting an exchange student from France at the end of August. Which will definatly mean less computer time. So no music. My mp3. player broke, too, and I don't have the money to replace it. ToT So really, NO music! ._. *sigh*

I'm done. PEACE! X)
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Holy shit, please!

Can I just say that I'm super sorry to anyone who is/was waiting for the 5th chapter of All The Small Things?? I've been sooooooooooo busy with school, and I haven't done much with it! School comes first now!...if I keep that attitude, I'll be in Japan for 10 months as soon as January! ^ ^

This weekend I'll be working on it, so I'm very sorry to anyone who was waiting! It's coming! *bows down to all of you*
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