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AHHHM! *cough* ^_^;;;

Okay~~ So....I'm...pretty happy today. Today is a good day.

*wonderous, magical music begins*

SO! To begin with...I skipped gym. Again. xDDD
I over-plucked my eyebrows by accident on Sunday ((which is WEIRD, because I've been plucking them since 7th grade and have had NO problems!)) and so I have to draw them on a bit and I'm scared of sweating/whiping them off!!!! xDDD;;;;

Dear Vinceticles caught me and Aubrie at my locker and wouldn't ya know it....he had Aaron with him. O_O;;; *gulp* *Note! Not Aaron mentioned in the last post! That one lives in Hong Kong. xD*

((Aaron is a super-cute Asian boy I've kinda developed a liking for...we've only talked once a couple weeks ago, but DAMN he's funny, he seems SO nice, and he's mega cute! Vince is one of my best friend's boyfriends. He's friends with Aaron))

So he goes, "HEY! *shifty eyes behind him at Aaron*" I thought, "OMFG, he actually did it?!" (he said he was going to talk to Aaron and hook me up with him...lawlz). He DID talk to Aaron and after a slightly awkward convo between all four of us, the bell went saying "get back to class, you little brats!" and so we did. Me and Vince ended up going the same way and he told me that Aaron wanted to get to know me better.


I was feeling all fluttery all day...x3 Until Lunch!

I hung out with the Jrock fan that goes to my school who I happened to meet on LJ. xDDD Jake! Gawd, she's awesome. We walked and talked about Jrock and then sat and she looked through my SHOXX mags and I gave her my copy of Dir en grey's "The Marrow Of A Bone" to borrow. She asked if I knew Malice Mizer and I was like, "YEAH, TOTALLY!" and she was suprised 'cause APPARENTLY the people that she knows doesn't know them....WTF!!!!!!!!! OoO;;;;;
Then the bell went and I was all "le poo..." and went to English and bombed at the in-class essay. xDDD

Although I didn't get my hair dyed white like I wanted to...It's dark brown with blonde streaks. And I rather like it a lot. <3

OHYEAH, and I get my braces off July 19th!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!

Heheh...and I went driving in the CN Center parking that ws fun. xDD I was driving all over the parking lines and my mom's like, "YOU'RE HITTING ALL THE CARS THAT WILL BE PARKED THERE!!!!" and I was like, "Yep~ ^_^" while singing along to Champione by Orange Range. xDDDD

*whew* I'm done....xDDD I can't wait for tomorrow, though~~~


    Yes, I have a new eljay account... So... This one might be kind of.... dead. PS I'm leaving for Japan on Feb. 29th.

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