chi_tsuki (chi_tsuki) wrote,

H'omfg! Another Jrock fan in school!

I got to meet the Jrock girl today. xDDD

Gawd, she's adorable. X3 And it was entertaining!!

It was really weird talking to someone about Jrock who went to my school and wasn't one of my friends. O_O;;; But it was really refreshing and just plain awesome!!

Then the bell went and I had to go back to Science....I kinda wanted to be like, "OMFG, wanna hang out at lunch and we can converse more??" Buuuuuuuuuuuut I didn't....I come off creepy sometimes. xDDD Bbut now I can wave at her in the halls and talk to her and stuff and it won't be that creepy!! xDD YEY for new discoveries!

ANYWAY....I won't say anymore...because it's ALSO creepy talking about another person I don't really know like this... >_>;;; *cough*

EXCEPT FOR....HIM~~ Vinceticles....ilu....DO A GOOD JOB, OK?! 'Cause I kinda really like him...and if you fxxk this up...I'ma gon' kill you. =) Just kidding....Candice would kill me. xD THANKS, though! >w


    Yes, I have a new eljay account... So... This one might be kind of.... dead. PS I'm leaving for Japan on Feb. 29th.

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