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070921....One-shot Deathfic. :x

Ohkay~ I wrote this while waiting for Super Junior's live comeback performance...It was around 1:30 AM I finished. I'm a terrible person, I know. I just...obviously like to celebrate wonderful, happy things in a very twisted way. xD;;;;

Title: 070921 (...not really any title)
Author: hachi-sama (Me)
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Supposed to be LeeTeuk and names are used, so you can imagine anyone.
Rating: I don't even know what to rate this...but it is NOT GOOD~
Summary: A game of cat and mouse has begun; a game of survival."
Warnings: Death, extreme violence, an F-bomb or two, and...homophobia?
Additional Notes: Rough draft...done on a lack of sleep and a major, squealy fan-girl mode (believe it or not) Ohyeah...and really...I was a super happy camper when I wrote this; this was just a result of too much fangirling and brain vomit. Brain vomit isn't always so tasty, you know?

You’re running away. A game of cat and mouse has begun; a game of survival. The slightly under-developed muscles in your thighs burn and ache as your legs carry the slim frame through the violet-colored field. There’s no time to pay any attention to your dry throat or the bitter air that is invading your lungs. There’s no time to focus on your tiring muscles or the throbbing pain in your head, drilling against your cranium. You just keep running, running, running.

You are completely lost; afraid as well. Inside of your mind is equal to a gray, vulgar pencil scribbling on a piece of paper. Your brain is basically fried. Throwing your head from side to side, you can’t see the leaf-covered branches that you’re about to run into, for your vision has blurred. The water is beginning to leak from your eyes like a broken faucet. As you clumsily dodge a tree in your way, you try to listen for him, you try to hear how far or how close he is behind you. You’re not sure if the sound you hear is his heavy footsteps closing in behind you or if it’s your own heartbeat. Whatever it is makes your swollen throat force out a diminutive whimper. It’s the only thing you can muster.

Your lungs are dry from the cold Autumn air that escapes past your cracked lips. Cold beads of sweat form on your brow and the back of your neck, making you shiver violently. That lovely new white dress shirt you bought is torn, stained, hanging loosely off one shoulder and showing the forest a sick purpling bruise. You don’t notice it, though. You don’t even know it’s there. A revolting smell claws at your senses, causing the bile to rise. It overpowers the decaying leaves on the ground and the fermenting fruits and berries that litter your path. It‘s your fear and his fury.

Your head spins around and through blurry pain-filled eyes you see the dark figure, the “cat“, behind you and catching up. You feel your right leg freeze up and you stumble like a fool. Your body connects with the filthy earth below you, forcing your teeth to sink into the frozen dirt. Another taste joins the bitter muck in your mouth; it has a tangy, metallic flavour and it’s quickly filling up your mouth. Upon spitting it out, you are almost sure you can see a crimson shade beneath you and you grow frightened. Your mouth begins to fill up again.
His anger reaches you, caresses your face in what you chose to think of as ’loving’ and ’understanding’ because in your eyes, he can do no wrong. Whatever you call it, it’s pounding against your skull, your frail neck, whatever it can reach. You swear you hear a deafening crack but you cannot quite locate the source of the sickening noise. You swear you feel something pop, something come out of a place it shouldn‘t. You realize, upon trying to reach out to him, one of your arms has been paralyzed.

Your mind is fogged over and your senses have left you. You cannot react to anything, you cannot feel anything. You can’t even hear that well. There’s a piercing silence that’s so loud and ringing painfully like an alarm bell in your ears, you can’t even hear his frantic, crazed yelling. His voice holds nothing but fear and misunderstanding. You can’t hear the grinding of the bones in your body, or the earth shattering cracking noises he is producing. The bones in your body are breaking all too easily. You can’t even hear your own absurd declarations of love, your broken pleas for help, or the boiling tears streaming down your dirty face.

Your whole person is so numb. Both your body and your mind. There isn’t a part of you left that is functioning properly any more. You have simply frozen with your arms trying to protect your upper area and your legs pulled to your chest, like a lonely child. The blows you’ve received to your head and back, that shoe that is poking at your kidneys and ribs, and the jagged bone that is piercing your lungs; you can barely feel it. You’re becoming short of breath, though, you know. A weight is on your red throat.

You are aware of a wet substance creeping out of your mouth and warming the skin of your cheek just slightly. You can also feel the moistened leaves that once laid on the ground sticking to your arms and face, Yes, you can feel that. You wonder if you’re going to be ok and if you’re actually glad that you cannot feel the things he is doing to you. You are pretty sure that to not feel agonizing pain you should be feeling right now is not a very good sign. But you can feel something; the one thing on your body that truly does feel the pain lays in your chest, unable to hold still.

You think you have been blinded. You cannot see a thing besides darkness all around you. Your body starts to sweat, you may or may not be aware of that. Your clothes are soaked with something and warm. You’re beginning to feel panic. Before you can react, your head is knocked to the side forcefully and you can suddenly see a small bush. It has small purple flowers growing off of it. A soft candy purple and a bright yellow center. You also notice the midnight blue surrounding you and the brilliant, flashing stars surrounding you. You wonder how long it’s been since this whole thing started. You think it’s good news, however, that you can see clearly once again. You’re proven so wrong.

You are staring at him; you’re staring right into his eyes and they are clear as the stars tonight. They burn into you, leaving invisible scars on your pale skin. Hatred is laced in the flames that flicker in his eyes and they’re screaming at you as if you had betrayed him. You want to reach out to his quivering body, you don’t want him to explode, but your arms aren’t working. Nothing is working. You’re crippled. He’s starting to fade away again and you can no longer see the lines of anger on his face or the way his jaw is clenched. And you most defiantly can’t see the pretty shade of red that decorates his tall frame.

You are screaming, you can actually hear yourself. Your voice is working for the first time you’re aware of and when your usually-melodic voice bursts from your throat in pure agony, you feel the fire ignite. You can feel the excruciating pain of suffocation, the serrated bone in your organs, milking you of your strength. The bone in your left forearm has pierced the skin and it’s cooling in the autumn night’s air. You can feel the crack in your skull as well, somewhere near the back, near the base of your neck. Something doesn’t feel right there, either. When you try to move your head, something intensifies the pain deep in your head. Right now, you’re still holding that ear-piercing scream. Your nerves are on fire, your heart may just rupture and you may die right there.

You are fucking terrified. Right before your eyes blur out his beautiful face, you noticed him hovering above you and, suddenly, you felt it; for the first time, you felt the blow. With his deep, cracking voice hanging in the frosty air, you feel his foot connect with your face. You feel the grip on the bottom of his shoe mark the skin across your face and you feel the delicate bone and cartilage in your nose crumble and snap like a brittle twig. A tooth is gone, as well, fixed in your cheek somewhere. Similar feelings come again; you feel your earrings being ripped out of their holes, tearing the skin. The toe of his shoe hits the side of your head with such an astounding force. All sounds start to disappear after the powerful kick. You don’t know how they leave or when, but then next time you blink, all sound is gone.

You feel a heavy weight on your body and it’s shivering. You think it’s him and he may be crying. He’s sorry, he loves you, he will help you. That’s what you want to believe. There’s a vibration in your throat. You’re trying to speak to him, call to him. Soon, however, his body leaves. You’re not sure if he’s still around or if he left you, but all you’re concerned about is learning how to move and find your way home.
A crimson shade suddenly floods your blurry vision and you feel a sharp stinging sensation in your chest. Your face contorts and burns with a pale red shade and you call for help in a muted voice.

Everything is now white; it blinds you further and it would sting your eyes if it had the chance. That pain you felt not long ago has doubled--tripled, even--and suddenly, you can hear your heartbeat. It’s much too slow. You begin to pray to any God willing to listen.
You hear it, “Thump”. It’s weak. “Thump”. A few moments later…It’s taking much too long. “Thump”. Where has it gone? Quietly, “Thump” And then nothing after that.

Your vision settles with black. You feel as if you‘re beginning to float and you try to open your eyes. You don’t know if they’re open or not because you cannot see a thing; just darkness, that’s it. You can’t feel anything at all, either. Not even the air around you, if there is any. You can’t hear, you can’t see, not even yourself. When you wave your hands in front of your face, you cannot see them. You're not sure if they're even there anymore. You want to feel panicked, but you don’t know how to any more.

You're without a body or mind. However, just for a moment, you can remember how this all happened. How you got into that dreadful game of cat & mouse and lost. How this pitiful, black hole became your new home. It was all because you simply kissed him and gave him your love, and he could never accept such a vile, tainted form of love from another man.

I'm terrible... _ _;;


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