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I got a new puppy!

He's a purebred chihuahua, almost 10 weeks old, and completely freakin' adorable!!

I love him so much...I can't believe I've only had him for three days now, but we've both grown so attatched to eachother! He's asleep on my lap now~ kekeke~

His name is HanChul. I stole Heenim's idea for naming Heebum, and I named him after members in SuJu. Although......I named him after ALL the members in Super Junior! xDDDDD His name is long. O_O It's DongSiTeukRyeoKiShinKyuYeHyukKangSungHanChul.

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I love him sososo much~~ ♥


    Yes, I have a new eljay account... So... This one might be kind of.... dead. PS I'm leaving for Japan on Feb. 29th.

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