070921....One-shot Deathfic. :x

Ohkay~ I wrote this while waiting for Super Junior's live comeback performance...It was around 1:30 AM I finished. I'm a terrible person, I know. I just...obviously like to celebrate wonderful, happy things in a very twisted way. xD;;;;

Title: 070921 (...not really any title)
Author: hachi-sama (Me)
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Supposed to be LeeTeuk and names are used, so you can imagine anyone.
Rating: I don't even know what to rate this...but it is NOT GOOD~
Summary: A game of cat and mouse has begun; a game of survival."
Warnings: Death, extreme violence, an F-bomb or two, and...homophobia?
Additional Notes: Rough draft...done on a lack of sleep and a major, squealy fan-girl mode (believe it or not) Ohyeah...and really...I was a super happy camper when I wrote this; this was just a result of too much fangirling and brain vomit. Brain vomit isn't always so tasty, you know?

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I got a new puppy!

He's a purebred chihuahua, almost 10 weeks old, and completely freakin' adorable!!

I love him so much...I can't believe I've only had him for three days now, but we've both grown so attatched to eachother! He's asleep on my lap now~ kekeke~

His name is HanChul. I stole Heenim's idea for naming Heebum, and I named him after members in SuJu. Although......I named him after ALL the members in Super Junior! xDDDDD His name is long. O_O It's DongSiTeukRyeoKiShinKyuYeHyukKangSungHanChul.

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I love him sososo much~~ ♥
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(no subject)

Title: Evergreen
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Kangin x HanKyun
Rating: PG...for now?
Summary: "It's all so wrong! It's not you."
Genre: angst/romance
Additional Notes: Written in both boys' POV. Kangin, Hankyung, Kangin, ect.
I'm not completely happy with this chapter...I re-wrote it due to not being happy with it, but now I'm still not satisfied. I figure I should put this up now, though, before I ruin it even more. Xx;; Sorry!

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Songfic: "Evergreen" - KangKyun

Hello~ *flails* I'm taking a break from my usual YehChul and writing a...KangKyun. (Because reading some of that pairing from mars_elegies inspired me to try it)
The song used is HYDE's "Evergreen -English Ensemble-". If you haven't heard it, I suggest running to YouTube and finding it. If not, then ask me and I will upload the song for you.
Try to enjoy~♥

Title: Evergreen
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Kangin x HanKyun
Rating: PG...for now?
Summary: "I could build a time machine. That would solve everything."
Genre: angst/fluff?? oO;;
Additional Notes: Written in both boys' POV. Kangin, Hankyun, Kangin, ect.

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YehChul "Freedom" [EDITED]

So I noticed that I didn't post my other YehChul fic HERE when I wrote it...but I posted it to two different communities., man? xD;;
*cough* I did this one back in June...for my ENGLISH EXAM!! xDDD It took me the full two and a half hours, but I DID get %78 percent on the exam! Which has like, NEVER happened before!! :DDD As soon as I got home from it, I took the rough copy with me and I typed it up.
The topic was "Freedom" and instead of writing a lecture or "what freedom means to me" or something boring like that, I wrote this! xDDD

Title: "Freedom"
Author: hachi
Rating: PG? O.o;
Summary: "I was scrubbed clean until I shined and sparkled with my uniform fitted just right. Not a wrinkle or spot of filth to be found."
Addition Notes: Done for my grade 11 English exam. REALLY short.

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New ficcie!! (YehChul)

Bwahaha~ I can't believe I actually wrote/finished something. o.o;;
Although I warn you....I couldn't sleep last night and wrote this between 2 and 4 AM. DX
And I tried to edit it the best I could, but I'm running on about an hour and a half of sleep....

Title: Star Gazing
Rating: PG?...nothing bad. Not even a swear word, I think.
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: YehChul, mentioned KiHae, KyuMin...and a couple others?
Summary: HeeChul is feeling down and stays up all night looking at the stars.
Warning: Lonely HeeChul, no sex, and a little sappy moment? xDDD
Notes: The CLEANEST THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN! sleep does weird things to my brain. OoO;;; And I apologize if some things don't make sense...this was written at 2 AM to 4 AM and edited by me who is running on an hour and a half of sleep. xD;;;

I lick my dry lips and sigh, finding that I am quickly becoming jealous of those beautiful shining stars, even though inside I know that I would be classified as one of them. I sure don’t feel like one at this moment, though.Collapse )
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AHHHM! *cough* ^_^;;;

Okay~~ So....I'm...pretty happy today. Today is a good day.

*wonderous, magical music begins*

SO! To begin with...I skipped gym. Again. xDDD
I over-plucked my eyebrows by accident on Sunday ((which is WEIRD, because I've been plucking them since 7th grade and have had NO problems!)) and so I have to draw them on a bit and I'm scared of sweating/whiping them off!!!! xDDD;;;;

Dear Vinceticles caught me and Aubrie at my locker and wouldn't ya know it....he had Aaron with him. O_O;;; *gulp* *Note! Not Aaron mentioned in the last post! That one lives in Hong Kong. xD*

((Aaron is a super-cute Asian boy I've kinda developed a liking for...we've only talked once a couple weeks ago, but DAMN he's funny, he seems SO nice, and he's mega cute! Vince is one of my best friend's boyfriends. He's friends with Aaron))

So he goes, "HEY! *shifty eyes behind him at Aaron*" I thought, "OMFG, he actually did it?!" (he said he was going to talk to Aaron and hook me up with him...lawlz). He DID talk to Aaron and after a slightly awkward convo between all four of us, the bell went saying "get back to class, you little brats!" and so we did. Me and Vince ended up going the same way and he told me that Aaron wanted to get to know me better.


I was feeling all fluttery all day...x3 Until Lunch!

I hung out with the Jrock fan that goes to my school who I happened to meet on LJ. xDDD Jake! Gawd, she's awesome. We walked and talked about Jrock and then sat and she looked through my SHOXX mags and I gave her my copy of Dir en grey's "The Marrow Of A Bone" to borrow. She asked if I knew Malice Mizer and I was like, "YEAH, TOTALLY!" and she was suprised 'cause APPARENTLY the people that she knows doesn't know them....WTF!!!!!!!!! OoO;;;;;
Then the bell went and I was all "le poo..." and went to English and bombed at the in-class essay. xDDD

Although I didn't get my hair dyed white like I wanted to...It's dark brown with blonde streaks. And I rather like it a lot. <3

OHYEAH, and I get my braces off July 19th!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!

Heheh...and I went driving in the CN Center parking that ws fun. xDD I was driving all over the parking lines and my mom's like, "YOU'RE HITTING ALL THE CARS THAT WILL BE PARKED THERE!!!!" and I was like, "Yep~ ^_^" while singing along to Champione by Orange Range. xDDDD

*whew* I'm done....xDDD I can't wait for tomorrow, though~~~
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Name: Hachi
Age: 16
Birthday: June 23
Born in: Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Language: English
Live in: Prince George
Style: J-Rock
Favourite countries: Japan and Hong Kong
Favourite band: Dir En Grey, Gazette, Alice 9 and so on
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite drink: Milk from her chest and Pee from her Puxxy
Favourite song: Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine
Favourite voice: Hot Pizza Guy's
The person she loves the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she misses the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she likes to hug the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she likes to kiss the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she likes to stay with the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she thinks of the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she likes to go out with the most: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she wants to get married with: Hot Pizza Guy
The person she likes to sleep with the most: Hot Pizza Guy ( might be doing THAT thing )
The hand she likes to hold the most: Hot Pizza Guy's
The person she hates the most: ~Ku.Ku.Ru~
Her good friends: Dei
Habit: Being teased by Aaron, Drinking Milk from her chest and Pee from her Puxxy, Touching herself, Doing finger jxb for herself, Sucking BEUCK DICH ( big dxxk ) and taking pictures for herself
Dream: To get the Hot Pizza Guy
Studying: Making Pizza
Hate: Smoking and Drinking
Activity: Havhing fun with BEUCK DICH ( big dxxk )
The style she thinks is stupid: Tickle me EMO
The thing she likes to say the most: COME ON, BABY~

HAHHAHA, THAT MADE ME LAUGH SOOOOO MUCH! <3 You know me OH SO well. 8D xDDD *lawl, not quiiiiiiiite* DON'T WORRY! I'll study hard so I can get my ass to Hong Kong to see you. xDDD I'll help your brother beat your ass up. XP
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H'omfg! Another Jrock fan in school!

I got to meet the Jrock girl today. xDDD

Gawd, she's adorable. X3 And it was entertaining!!

It was really weird talking to someone about Jrock who went to my school and wasn't one of my friends. O_O;;; But it was really refreshing and just plain awesome!!

Then the bell went and I had to go back to Science....I kinda wanted to be like, "OMFG, wanna hang out at lunch and we can converse more??" Buuuuuuuuuuuut I didn't....I come off creepy sometimes. xDDD Bbut now I can wave at her in the halls and talk to her and stuff and it won't be that creepy!! xDD YEY for new discoveries!

ANYWAY....I won't say anymore...because it's ALSO creepy talking about another person I don't really know like this... >_>;;; *cough*

EXCEPT FOR....HIM~~ Vinceticles....ilu....DO A GOOD JOB, OK?! 'Cause I kinda really like him...and if you fxxk this up...I'ma gon' kill you. =) Just kidding....Candice would kill me. xD THANKS, though! >w
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